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Follow the strikers: against austerity, let’s strike the ECB


Follow the strikersCall to 18 and 19 March in Frankfurt

By now the time of the technical government of the crisis, the time of austerity as a «mandatory choice», ended. Now more than ever it’s clear that the policies imposed by the Troika under the label of unavoidable necessities depend on the deliberate political choice to transform Europe in a space in which millions of men and women are doomed to precarity in working and living conditions, unemployment and permanent employability as a new normality. Now more than ever Europe is the minimum framework for our political action. Pushed by the claims made by the movements in the last years, the results of the Greek elections are challenging the apparent impregnability of the Troika and are bringing a new wind of uncertainty and a positive tension, in which we want our voice to be heard. Threatening to cut the funds for Greece, once again the ECB has shown its active role in the political blackmail that uses debt to block the achievement of a program different from the monetary strictness and the policies of precarization. Yet, this is the program that we want to bring in Europe: a European minimum wage, a basic income and a European welfare for all, a European unconditioned and two years long residence permit for all migrants. With these claims the strikers who brought about the social strike of 14 November will go to Frankfurt, taking part to the demonstrations organized by the European coordination of Blockupy to protest against the ECB policies, one of the institutions that govern the regime of austerity by managing the money. On March 18th we will be in front of the new headquarters of the ECB to ask: what have you done to Greece? What are you doing to Europe? And we won’t accept whatever technical answer.

Against the competition between EU countries and against the nationalistic and xenophobic trends, the strikers, men and women, will bring to Frankfurt a common platform which could promote and enhance the communication among the struggles, the resistances and the experiences of self-organization happening in the different European regions.

We know that Europe does coincide with the borders of the European Union nor with the EU institutions, but it is criss-crossed by the financial capital and by the global chains of production, which use the differences – borders, laws, purchasing power – between the European regions to make profits. In order to hit these profits, we will bring to Frankfurt the challenge of building a transnational and social strike, which is able to strengthen the existing struggles and to originate new ones.

After the blockades and the demonstration of March 18th against the ECB policies, on the 19th of March we stay in Frankfurt one day more to take part to the meeting called by the activists of Blockupy meets Amazon and where there will be networks and workers coming from various European countries.

The aim of this meeting is to promote and enlarge the idea of transnational strike as a concrete perspective, putting together the experiences of struggle and organization, activism and trade-unionism coming from different contexts. It is something new and important, and an opportunity for carrying on the process that will bring the strikers, men and women, to Frankfurt on March 18th together with many others from all over Europe.

In order to foster the greatest participation possible, the laboratories and the networks of social strike are arranging buses and telephone info-lines in different Italian cities. Starting from today, we will organize initiatives of information and mobilization that will continue until March 18th.

Follow the strikers: against austerity policies, let’s strike the ECB!

Info for buses from Italy on the Facebook event

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