mercoledì , 22 Maggio 2024

Subverting the global chains of exploitation!



Yesterday in front of the Apple Store in Bologna more than 200 persons participated to the initiative «Let’s Tackle Apple!», organized for the transnational week of action and realized also in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Poznan, Varsavia, Milan and Rome.

In Bologna Steve Jobs who, after his death, was condemned to work in the Foxconn Hell’s Factory, spoke about the «dream» of Apple, an immaterial commodity made of innovation, transparency and self-entrepreneurship. Around him, the workers of Foxconn told the real stories of their exploitation – stories that have been collected in China, Czech Republic and Turkey – and described the frenzied rhythms of the production chain in the huge Chinese plants, the dormitory-factories, the work accidents but also the individual and collective refusal of exploitation, the sabotage of machineries, protests and strikes. With the voices of the artists of the group Laboratorio sociale Afrobeat and the music of the collective Sambalotta we represented the condition and the insubordination of the workers, while on the white wall of the apple store the dirty images of the greatest global chain of exploitation were projected.

The coordinated actions in front of the Apple Store point at the problem that we have to face: how to practice an organization which can really connect the men and women who works along the global chains of exploitation in order to subvert them. Our dream must be the matter of which their nightmares are made. This is our #solidarity!


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