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Europe at War: Fighting Militarism in the Third World War

→ Originally published in Italian ‘Bringing the war home’ was the slogan of the peace movement at the time of the Vietnam War. Today, it is the watchword—albeit with a very different meaning—of European rulers. To them, war should make it possible to govern the disorderly European home in an altogether disorderly world—a world of empires without imperialisms, and transitions …

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Paint it red. The order of war and our transnational disorder

→ Italian Today both the holy war and the democratic one claim to impose a principle of order. Both are dividing with precision the fronts, asking to line up in order to meet the established targets. To reject the order of war does not mean, though, to embrace pacifism. To repeat the experience of the great movement that, after the …

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An inextinguishable debt

Debt is the form of war in the era of precarity. Like every war it concerns everybody, but does not affect all in the same way. We have always opposed war as the unmotivated destruction of life of millions of proletarians. Today we reject debt because of its destructive action on the lives of millions of precarious workers. However must …

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