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Migrants’ Strike: An Audacious Moment. An interview with Valery Alzaga, from the 2006 US May Day to present challenges

As part of the discussion opened by the call for a «day without us» on the 20th of February in the UK, and after the publication of an analysis of the strike of migrant labour of the 1st of March 2010 in Italy, we interviewed Valery Alzaga, trade unionist and organizer for migrants’ rights with experience in the US and …

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Strike in the Usa. Women and the globalization of the strike

→ Italian All over the world the strike is becoming a feminist political practice. On January the 20th women will cross their arms in the United States on the inauguration day of Donald Trump’s presidency, one day before taking to the streets of Washington with a #womensmarch that is announced as one of the biggest mobilization of the last decades. …

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Occupy Sandy

di FELICE MOMETTI Domenica mattina. Davanti alla chiesa episcopale di san Luca e Matteo a Brooklyn ci sono centinaia di biciclette. Sono quelle degli attivisti di Occupy Sandy, gli unici rimasti in campo a due settimane dall’uragano che ha devastato mezza New York. La campagna elettorale è finita, le troupe televisive se ne sono andate, è tornata l’energia elettrica  nel …

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