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Freedom not borders! Unconditional European residence permit for all migrants!

→ Italiano Saturday, the 13th of June, will be a day of mobilization of migrants in Italy and in Germany, with demonstrations in Bologna, Bari, Brescia and Frankfurt. Migrants, together with precarious and industry workers, will say laud and clear that they are not going to be the ones who pay the most violent backlashes of the crisis. While migration …

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700 deaths for freedom in the Sicilian channel

by COORDINAMENTO MIGRANTI → Italian Seeing the massacre in the Sicilian Channel we migrants, on the front lines of the daily struggle against the government of mobility and movement, declare that in the war of borders we side with the women and men who seek freedom. Whatever the reason: escaping war, dictatorial regimes, persecution or simply the desire to change life. …

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Death and freedom

by COORDINAMENTO MIGRANTI → IT On 24 April 2013 a building collapsed in Savar, near Dhaka, in Bangladesh: 1,129 dead. They were workers, women and men. It was the worst disaster that had ever occurred in a textile factory. The factory supplied very famous brands: Auchan, Bonmarché, Mango, El Corte Ingles, WalMart and many others. On 3 October 2013, almost …

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Practicing dissent, solidarity beyond borders: stop the re-opening of the detention center in Bologna!

The Italian Ministry of interior affairs allocated funds to restore and reopen the detention center for migrants in Bologna (CIE), a black page in the history of the city. We cannot accept this project and will express with all our forces the refuse opposed by the city to this factory of injustice and sorrow where migrants are detained just because …

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Freedom not Frontex. Refugees and Migrants in their Struggle for global Freedom of Movement

by HAGEN KOPP – Kein mensch ist illegal, Hanau* This text is an improvement of an article published in May 2013 in Forum Wissenschat. The reconstruction of some events that took place in the last month and of the campaings aiming to oppose the conditions that produced them, allow point out the immediate political character of migrations. The dreadful number …

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