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Time of strike, time of uprising: France, or rather Europe

→ Italian Since months, France is the theatre of the biggest social strike of Europe. In order to contrast the loi El Khomri, thousands of workers refused to work and new strikes are continuing to interrupt production and services. The flows of transports, commodities and oil – with the prolonged block of refineries – are a field of struggle in …

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The democracy of mobility against the government of democracy

→ ITALIAN The huge Spanish mobilizations in 2011, the coup that broke the dream of the Greek OXI in a night of July, the declaration of the state of emergency in France, the agreement between the EU and Turkey for the management of borders impose democracy as a rallying cry among the European movements. Many invoke it in order to restrain …

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On the border of wage. The real movement and the democratic dilemma

→ Italian More than the horrors of the battle of Aleppo, it was the pressure of thousands of migrants what finally imposed a fragile agreement over the war in Syria. The weeks spent in negotiating, the more or less explicit blackmails, the unspeakable deals concerning the Kurdish people, the money required and the money promised, the announcement of intervention by …

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July the 5th: How the multitude blocked a post-modern coup d’état in the EU

by MICHALIS BARTSIDIS – AKIS GAVRIILIDIS – SOFIA LALOPOULOU → Italiano The basic fact, that the «NO» vote obtained an overwhelming majority at the referendum in Greece last Sunday, is well known to everybody. The remarks, conclusions, arguments, possible consequences etc. that one can draw from this simple event are practically infinite. What matters, though, to convey in this necessarily …

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Multitude, Mobility, Mutualism. Questions and answers of the Never class

Exhorted by comrades with whom we have shared actions in the last years with precarious and migrants, we contribute here to the debate launched by on the usefulness, topicality and need to refer to the class. Obviously, the aim of this reflection is especially to inquire on and investigate the lexicon with which the movement has related to a …

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Democracy on the move and the struggles in Europe. A contribution for Blockupy and beyond

The following is a contribution to the political debate on the European  movement that starts with Blockupy, but is not just about Blockupy.  More or less organized projects (like Blockupy, but also the Hubmeeting) are trying to construct a comprehensive response to processes that extend over the European level, and beyond. The background of these projectualities is inevitably given by …

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