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For the critique of the political economy of mobility. Remarks on the new constitution of Europe

→ Italian The «compromise» achieved during the European summit on migrations held in Brussels on the 25th of June is the clearest symptom of the crisis which is taking place within the borders of Europe. Migrants are this crisis. This, however, does not concern the presumed emergency caused by the growing number of men and women who daily pretend to …

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Between migration and precarization. Diary of a journey through five Tunisian cities

by HAGEN KOPP – Kein Mensch ist Illegal, Hanau, with Activists from Afrique-Europe-Interact and Welcome to Europe Intro 1 This fragmentary diary was written in late January, before the assassination of the leader of the left opposition Chokri Belaïd on February 6th 2013 in Tunis, and the general strike and mass protests that followed in many cities around the country. The …

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Zwischen Migration und Prekarisierung. Tagebuchnotizen einer Reise durch fünf tunesische Städte.

HAGEN KOPP – Kein Mensch ist Illegal, Hanau mit den AktivistInnen von Afrique-Europe-Interact und Welcome to Europe Intro 1 Dieses fragmentarische Tagebuch wurde bereits Ende Januar verfasst, also noch vor der Ermordung des linken Oppositionsführers Chokri Belaïd am 6.2.2013 in Tunis und dem anschließenden Generalstreik sowie Massenprotesten in vielen Städten Tunesiens. Insofern sind die aktuellen Entwicklungen der letzten Wochen hier nicht …

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