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Migrants’ Strike: An Audacious Moment. An interview with Valery Alzaga, from the 2006 US May Day to present challenges

As part of the discussion opened by the call for a «day without us» on the 20th of February in the UK, and after the publication of an analysis of the strike of migrant labour of the 1st of March 2010 in Italy, we interviewed Valery Alzaga, trade unionist and organizer for migrants’ rights with experience in the US and …

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Noi possiamo osare. Il tempo dello sciopero sociale transnazionale è ora

→ English Dal 21 al 23 ottobre si svolgerà a Parigi il secondo meeting della Transnational Social Strike Platform. L’incontro avrà luogo a tre settimane di distanza dallo sciopero delle donne polacche contro la proposta di riforma della legge sull’aborto e a pochi mesi dalla grande sollevazione francese contro la loi travail e il suo mondo. In entrambi i casi …

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March First: courses of action leading to an unexpected strike

by LUCA COBBE – GIORGIO GRAPPI → Italian At the Eve of the 1st of March 2016 against borders and precarization, thank to the comrades of (lucipike, sara_portone, fravan561, P. Abzieher, A. Sarjanović), we publish the English translation of an essay on the strike of migrant labor of the 1st of March 2010, contained in the collection La normale eccezione. Lotte …

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On the border of wage. The real movement and the democratic dilemma

→ Italian More than the horrors of the battle of Aleppo, it was the pressure of thousands of migrants what finally imposed a fragile agreement over the war in Syria. The weeks spent in negotiating, the more or less explicit blackmails, the unspeakable deals concerning the Kurdish people, the money required and the money promised, the announcement of intervention by …

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The same things come back. Europe and our strike against the misery of the present

→ Italian Together with many others we said again and again that Europe is the minimum field of struggle. In front of the states of emergency, of Daesh’ terrorism, of the declared or directly waged wars, after the recent elections in France it is as if we were captured in an endless European involution. It seems that the same things …

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Under the sign of the storm. Migrants, Europe and transnational strike

→ Italian Like a storm, migrants are haunting Europe. With their disordered movements they are crushing borders, institutions, and seemingly consolidated ideologies. Migrants have blown up the European status quo. What the Greek referendum was not able to do, it’s now happening thanks to thousands of men, women, and kids who are putting their lives at stakes in order to …

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