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Women that show the way. A conversation with Zehra Akbar Khan of the HBWWF, Pakistan

We have already connected with the important experience of the HBWWF, the first union which organizes the home based women workers in Pakistan and which has been formally recognized by the government after a huge campaign that has involved a ever-increasing number of workers since 2006. Today we are proud to publish an interview with Zehra Akbar Khan, general secretary …

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Donne che indicano la strada. Discutendo con Zehra Akbar Khan, HBWWF – Pakistan

Ci siamo già connessi con l’importante esperienza della Home Based Women Workers Federation, la prima organizzazione sindacale delle lavoratrici a domicilio pachistane formalmente riconosciuta dal governo in seguito a un’imponente campagna di mobilitazione che ha coinvolto, a partire dal 2006, un numero crescente di lavoratrici. Oggi siamo orgogliose di pubblicare un’intervista a Zehra Akbar Khan, segretaria generale della HBWWF, convinte …

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