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Snap-shots on the move. From Genoa to Hamburg and no way back

→ Italian Genoa, July 2001, big mass demonstrations and riots against a G8 that claims to represent a sort of world government of globalization. The first demonstration is the migrants’ one, opened by a banner claiming freedom of movement, freedom without borders. A boy gets killed. And this cannot be forgotten. Hundreds thousands of people do not accept the simulacrum …

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Istantanee in movimento. Da Genova ad Amburgo e nessun ritorno

→ English Luglio 2001, Genova, grandi manifestazioni di massa e riots contro un G8 che pretende di rappresentare una sorta di governo mondiale della globalizzazione. La prima manifestazione è quella dei migranti, aperta da uno striscione che reclama la libertà di movimento, una libertà senza confini. Un ragazzo viene ucciso. E non può essere dimenticato. Migliaia di persone non accettano …

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Affinity and divergence between Ums Ganze and us, towards the block of the port of Hamburg

by BERLIN MIGRANT STRIKERS from Berlin Migrant Strikers This note by Berlin Migrant Strikers discusses the position of some comrades of the network Ums Ganze! concerning the initiative focused on the Hamburg Harbor, that will take place on July 7 during the mobilization against the G20 summit. By stressing the difference between the blockade as an event and the strike as …

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