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We can dare. The time of the transnational social strike is now

→ Italian From 21 to 23 October the second meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform will be held in Paris. The meeting takes place three weeks after the strike of Polish women against the proposed reform of the abortion law and few months after the French great uprising against the loi travail and its world. In both cases the …

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Noi possiamo osare. Il tempo dello sciopero sociale transnazionale è ora

→ English Dal 21 al 23 ottobre si svolgerà a Parigi il secondo meeting della Transnational Social Strike Platform. L’incontro avrà luogo a tre settimane di distanza dallo sciopero delle donne polacche contro la proposta di riforma della legge sull’aborto e a pochi mesi dalla grande sollevazione francese contro la loi travail e il suo mondo. In entrambi i casi …

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The European Regime of Wage 2. The loi travail and the government of precarization

by LAVORO INSUBORDINATO → Italian On the 5th of July Manuel Valls ended the parliamentary debate on the loi travail by an act of force. To defeat a weak parliamentary opposition, the government resorted again to the 49.3 article of the constitution, an emergency procedure which is supposed to guarantee the general interest of the nation. For the government it …

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Time of strike, time of uprising: France, or rather Europe

→ Italian Since months, France is the theatre of the biggest social strike of Europe. In order to contrast the loi El Khomri, thousands of workers refused to work and new strikes are continuing to interrupt production and services. The flows of transports, commodities and oil – with the prolonged block of refineries – are a field of struggle in …

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