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The brilliant strike. Women’s March 8 and the global uprising against neoliberalism

→ Italiano The strike of March the 8th has been the first global uprising against neoliberalism. In order to fully understand its meaning it must be seen from the right distance: who looks at it only from its city or from its part of the march doesn’t see what it’s really happened. Its measure, that is actually its political mismeasure, …

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Strike in the Usa. Women and the globalization of the strike

→ Italian All over the world the strike is becoming a feminist political practice. On January the 20th women will cross their arms in the United States on the inauguration day of Donald Trump’s presidency, one day before taking to the streets of Washington with a #womensmarch that is announced as one of the biggest mobilization of the last decades. …

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A Global Flood on Strike. Women and Feminism towards March 8th

→ Italiano On March 8th a women’s strike will take place and will be a truly global event. The proposal took inspiration from the Polish women, was launched by the Argentinian ones and endorsed by the hundreds of thousands of women that all over the world took to the street on the day against male violence over women. After the …

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