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The New Year’s Eve of patriarchy and the urgency of a feminist politics

by PAOLA RUDAN → IT On the New Year’s Eve, in Cologne, dozens of women were harassed, raped and robbed by dozens of men. According to current surveys, it appears that the attacks have not been concerted and planned; moreover, the «supposedly Arabs» which, according to preliminary reports, have committed those attacks were not, at least not all of them, …

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Riots in black and white. London, one year after

by GABRIELLA ALBERTI – Precarious Workers Brigades, London  If I go anywhere I’m [treated like] a black man that came here 60 years ago … they see me as an immigrant and you can feel the subconscious racism everywhere. You can feel it and you see the way they look at you … it is what it is. There’s nothing …

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