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For the critique of the political economy of mobility. Remarks on the new constitution of Europe

→ Italian The «compromise» achieved during the European summit on migrations held in Brussels on the 25th of June is the clearest symptom of the crisis which is taking place within the borders of Europe. Migrants are this crisis. This, however, does not concern the presumed emergency caused by the growing number of men and women who daily pretend to …

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Freedom not borders! Unconditional European residence permit for all migrants!

→ Italiano Saturday, the 13th of June, will be a day of mobilization of migrants in Italy and in Germany, with demonstrations in Bologna, Bari, Brescia and Frankfurt. Migrants, together with precarious and industry workers, will say laud and clear that they are not going to be the ones who pay the most violent backlashes of the crisis. While migration …

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A Precarity Office in Vienna: notes from the start of an experiment

by MANUELA ZECHNER – Precarity Office Vienna With the Precarity Office we open a monthly space for giving mutual advice about labour- and migration related issues and for discussing and developing self-organisation practices. As migrants and/or precarious workers we perceive the need for a space to get and give informal advice, meet and discuss, hear about our respective struggles and develop them further. We call …

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«No retreat». Exploitation and struggles of the new working class, migrant and precarious, in China. An interview with Pun Ngai

by GIORGIO GRAPPI – published in Italian on «il Manifesto», December 13, 2012 We interviewed Pun Ngai, a major scholar of the transformations of labour relationships in contemporary China, in the occasion of the recent translation in Italian of a collection of essays on the struggles of migrant workers in China. Pun Ngai’s studies provides a fundamental view of a …

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