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The European Regime of Wage. 3. Germany: support precarization, demand exploitation

→ Italian — See also The European Regime of Wage #1, UK and #2, France by LAVORO INSUBORDINATO Looking at the last drama among EU leaders, it looks like there are in the EU diverging views on migration policies. The long and lively discussions at the Bratislava summit seem to foreshadow the end of cohesion among Italy, Germany and France, while in …

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The European regime of wage 1. Precarity save the Queen! The living wage of the Crown

by LAVORO INSUBORDINATO → Italiano When it comes to labour, Buckingham Palace is like McDonald’s. Both palaces, the Queen’s one and the most global fast food restaurant in the world, hire with «zero-hours contracts». In short, «let them eat cake!», or rather, burgers. It is well known, indeed, that the Big Mac Index devised by the Economist in the mid-80s …

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