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A question of power. Greece, Syriza and the institutions on the move

→ Italiano We publish a long interview with Christos Giovanopoulos, an activist of Solidarity for All, a group which facilitate the development of grassroots solidarity structures and of the solidarity movement as a whole in Greece. The interview was realized during the last international meeting of the Blockupy coalition, whose aim now is to organize the European demonstration of March 18, when the …

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Grexodus: elections, debts, and the ghosts of post-self-colonialism

by AKIS GAVRIILIDIS → IT We publish a first contribution towards next Greek elections. This is a remarkable text, since it helps overcome domestic oppositions, that is both a declared fidelity to this or that principle and any occasional deployment. Akis Gavriilidis focuses on two crucial questions in a very original way: on the one hand, the role and position …

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