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Il «sogno cinese» alla prova della classe. Un’intervista a Pun Ngai

di GIORGIO GRAPPI e DEVI SACCHETTO → English Una versione abbreviata di questa intervista è stata pubblicata su «il Manifesto» del 6 giugno 2016 Il Parlamento Europeo discute se la Cina debba essere considerata o no un’economia di mercato, moltiplicando le critiche all’interventismo dello Stato cinese negli affari economici. Sono tuttavia molte le imprese anche europee che in questi anni …

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The «Chinese dream» at the proof of class. Interview with Pun Ngai

by GIORGIO GRAPPI and DEVI SACCHETTO → Italiano The Italian translation of this interviwe has been published in «il Manifesto», June 6, 2016 Pun Ngai is associated professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is the author and editor of many publications on the transformation of labor in China, the multinational regime at Foxconn and the …

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Hong Kong’s Students Protests: We make history

by RUTVICA ANDRIJASEVIC – from Hong Kong → IT She has just finishing her chalk drawing of an umbrella on the pavement in Admiralty, the main site of Occupy Hong Kong. Her classmates, Hong Kong University (HKU) undergraduates will join her later when they finish their classes held in the nearby Admiralty building. She has been part of the protests …

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Subverting the global chains of exploitation!

→ Italian Yesterday in front of the Apple Store in Bologna more than 200 persons participated to the initiative «Let’s Tackle Apple!», organized for the transnational week of action and realized also in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Poznan, Varsavia, Milan and Rome. In Bologna Steve Jobs who, after his death, was condemned to work in the Foxconn Hell’s Factory, spoke about the …

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«No retreat». Exploitation and struggles of the new working class, migrant and precarious, in China. An interview with Pun Ngai

by GIORGIO GRAPPI – published in Italian on «il Manifesto», December 13, 2012 We interviewed Pun Ngai, a major scholar of the transformations of labour relationships in contemporary China, in the occasion of the recent translation in Italian of a collection of essays on the struggles of migrant workers in China. Pun Ngai’s studies provides a fundamental view of a …

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