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Call from the Strike Meeting to the European Movements and Networks

On November 14th Let’s Strike Back Against the Precarization of Labour and Life! On November 14th, we, precarious workers, migrants, industry and public sector workers, students, autonomous workers, men and women, will strike against the condition of subordination which the labour regimes and the European policies want to impose on us. November 14th will be for us a social strike, a strike …

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The thunder’s gonna come. Salario, sindacato e terzo sciopero dei Fast Food Workers

di GABE CARROL, da New York È partita intorno alle 6 e mezza la terza grande mobilitazione dei Fast Food Workers. In circa 60 città americane si sono svolti scioperi, picchetti, azioni e occupazioni simboliche dentro ai ristoranti, piccoli cortei e presidi. La denuncia delle condizioni di lavoro è la stessa di quando la campagna è partita quasi un anno …

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Poland: Special Exploitation Zones

We publish below an interview to two activists of the Polish union Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Workers’Initiative), that we realized on the occasion of the presentation of the documentary movie «Special Exploitation Zones» organized in Bologna, and another documentary concerning the living and working conditions of women in Wałbrzych. Poland is the only UE member State which established Special Economic Zones (SEZ), high-exploitation areas …

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November 14: to be counted en mass and not back down

by CHRISTOS GIOVANOPOULOS – Dikaioma, network of precarious and unemployed workers, Athens ∫connessioni precarie asked Christos Giovanopoulos from the Dikaioma network in Athens for a contribution to the debate on the European situation towards November 14. This is not only a correspondence, but the beginning of a dialogue which hopefully will continue, and which aims to build up connections around …

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