lunedì , 2 Ottobre 2023

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Riots in black and white. London, one year after

by GABRIELLA ALBERTI – Precarious Workers Brigades, London  If I go anywhere I’m [treated like] a black man that came here 60 years ago … they see me as an immigrant and you can feel the subconscious racism everywhere. You can feel it and you see the way they look at you … it is what it is. There’s nothing …

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Women that show the way. A conversation with Zehra Akbar Khan of the HBWWF, Pakistan

We have already connected with the important experience of the HBWWF, the first union which organizes the home based women workers in Pakistan and which has been formally recognized by the government after a huge campaign that has involved a ever-increasing number of workers since 2006. Today we are proud to publish an interview with Zehra Akbar Khan, general secretary …

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Blockard from Frankfurt. It was worth it being here

«There’s no more money here in Frankfurt», a comrade told us at the end of the march. It seems that even in the outer parts of the city the banks are closed, worried about the arrival of demonstrators from all over Europe. Despite the methodical actions of the police against the mobilization in the first two days, Saturdays demonstration leaves …

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Learning from Oakland: Rise up Together to Make the Difference!

We are proud to publish a report on the Oakland general strike written by Kimi Lee, woman, mother, migrant and activist of the collectives Colorful Mamas of 99% and LeftBay99, the latter born as a space for organization within the #occupy movement, after the strike was launched. It is an enthusiastic and sincere report. We have a lot to learn …

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From precarious workers to precarity: to say both farewell

The issue of “precarity” has become central to all debates regarding labour, economics and society. The category of precarious workers is associated with those who work with limited-time contracts, people hired through employment agencies or people who have no contract whatsoever… In this way “the precarious” tend to be more discussed than precarity itself. They are regarded as an isolated …

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An inextinguishable debt

Debt is the form of war in the era of precarity. Like every war it concerns everybody, but does not affect all in the same way. We have always opposed war as the unmotivated destruction of life of millions of proletarians. Today we reject debt because of its destructive action on the lives of millions of precarious workers. However must …

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